Thursday, February 26, 2009



Recently I knitted my sister Erica's daughters some beanies.  Unfortunately Andie's was too small, so I made her another one.  Garret tried it on to give me an idea of the size, and he looked so funny, I just had to take a picture!

Johnson Girls Slideshow

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thirty-Something Weekend

Lately our weekends have taken on a low-key, check for a pulse kind of vibe, and though the activities might vary slightly, the outcome is always the same, relaxing. This is not a bad thing, but it is however, quite different from our past. Our twenties were all about "going out", meeting people, partying, hanging out with friends, and in short, experiencing as much as the world we lived in could offer us. While this was (at times) the epitome of fun, it was not what you would call relaxing.

In fact after ten or so years of this kind of activity, we're flat out exhausted. We were just talking about how our attitude about "the weekend" has changed. What we figured out was this, we roughly spent ten or so years living a twenty-something life and if we have a family we will spend at least the next eighteen years living a family-something life, thus the time we have now is a small and narrow window of opportunity to relax, just the two of us. That's not to say we don't still enjoy hanging out with friends, or going out to take in our Hawaiian surroundings, but at the end of the day, more than likely, you will find us at home, sitting side by side in our recliners, watching TV, talking about whatever comes to mind, and thoroughly enjoying where we are at this time in our lives.

Take Saturday for example. We slept in and when we woke up we made some coffee, watched TV, and began making plans for lunch. We decided to make "white-people-burros". I named them as such because one of the ingredients we use to make them is El Pato sauce. Being of Hispanic heritage, I can tell you, with at least some authority, that no self-respecting Mexican adds El Pato to anything. (I had never even heard of it until I got married and Garret introduced me to what would become a staple in our house.) So, I guess this means I'm not a "self-respecting" Mexican, because not only do I use it, but I also love the way it tastes and add it to everything I possibly can! I'm a further disgrace to my culture, given that lately, instead of pronouncing it el pot-tho, I've been saying el pat-toe. What can I say, Garret's influence is strong.

We spent the rest of the afternoon watching movies, one of which was "Zack and Miri Make a Porno". It was hilarious! Plus, it has a cute underlying romance as an added bonus! (Keep in mind it has some very crude, adult humor, so if you're not into that I'd stay away from this one.) Also, during our fits of laughter, I managed to knit four more baby hats!

Later we decided to make cupcakes. Garret expressed his creativity by mixing food coloring together to dye the otherwise white frosting some more interesting shades of blue and a sort guacamole green (he was actually aiming for brown, but food coloring can be pretty tricky.) Throw in a few sprinkles and voila, we had little cupcake size masterpieces.

While these are not the kind of activities we would've thought of as the highlight of our weekend in our twenties, in our thirties, they're infinitely more preferable. We've already been there done that, and now it's time to be here and do this. Because of our past, we can appreciate our present and look forward to our future. We had a great time together this weekend, and like most as of late, it was completely relaxing.

Until next time . . . . . .

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Delay in Game

Many apologies for the delay since my last post, none the less, here is what’s been going on with us 2,000 plus miles across the Pacific . . . . . .

When we last left off, Garret and our friend Joe were going to go deep sea fishing at the beginning of the month. It costs $600.00 to charter the boat and rent the equipment for a deep sea fishing excursion. Because of this, usually a group of people will get together and split the cost. Six of them were scheduled to go, but at the last minute, two had to cancel, meaning those left would’ve been responsible for making up the difference. Unfortunately, with the economy being what it is, that just wasn’t possible. Thus the trip they had been looking forward to for so long was canceled. Needless to say, they’re planning on getting another group together and trying again in a couple of months.

Since they couldn’t go deep sea fishing, they went fishing at their normal spot at the Marine Base pier where Garret caught a blowfish! Puffer Fish 1That’s just one of the many perks of living in Hawaii, the large variety of fish available to catch. He said it was all puffed up, and when he threw it back into the ocean, it sounded like a kickball (the kind you used in junior high P.E.) hitting the water.

Puffer Fish 2

As for me, right after Christmas I was offered the job of Webmaster for the Spouse's Club at Schofield Barracks. In the last few weeks I have been learning everything I can about creating a website. It's still a work in progress, but as soon as it's up and running I will post a link.

The Spouse's Club is a great organization to be involved in. Their primary purpose is to raise money for the scholarship fund which Army spouses and dependents can apply for. They also organize a variety of different clubs and activities for both spouses and families to participate in. For example this month they're having a fundraiser called "The Bourbon Street Bash". imageWith a Mardi Gras theme, live and silent auctions, dinner and a cash bar, it promises to be a lot of fun! I'm very exicted to be involved with them, and all of their volunteer efforts.

I've also been looking for a job. Not an easy task, given the current job market. None the less, I'm hopeful that something will come up. I'm not looking for anything super specific or ultra chic, just something to provide us with extra money to get ahead and build a nest egg of savings.

Speaking of money, taxes have also been taking up my time. Since we don't have any assets and one income it should be pretty straight forward right? Wrong. We've hit a couple of snafus along the way, and our first attempt to complete them via e-filing was rejected, oh happy day. So now I have to do them again to fix the reason why they were rejected in the first place, then print out a paper copy and send them snail mail instead. As soon as they're done, I then have the fun task of filing out my FAFSA (the federal government financial aid form for college).

Along with my FAFSA, I'm also working on my college applications for the Fall '09 Semester. Even though the paperwork is a total pain, I cannot wait to get back to school full time. I inadvertently took the last year off when Garret went back into the Army, and we moved here to Hawaii, but I'm more than ready to get back into it, and get it done! I will keep everyone updated as my collegiate adventure unfolds.....

In my free time I've been knitting, a lot. it's really relaxing, and it's the perfect evening time activity especially when Garret is watching a hunting show. (I curse the day I came across the Outdoor Channel in our cable guide, and said excitedly, "Hey look there's a hunting show on!" Obviously I spoke first, thought second-a recurring problem of mine. Needless to say Garret added it to our favorites faster than I could say "What the hell did I just do?" and we've been regularly watching it ever since) Anyway. back to my knitting, I've made almost 20 beanies/hats. I'm still going to donate some to the local military hospital, but my new idea is to make as many as I can until next fall, and donate those to organizations (especially in colder climates) that work with homeless shelters or people in need. It makes me happy to think that each hat I create has (excuse the corniness) a higher purpose.

Now that I've got everyone up to speed on the happenings of our lives for the last few weeks, I promise I will update my blog more regularly in the future. Until next time . . . .