Monday, March 23, 2009

Waikiki Slide Show

Here are some pictures of our weekend in Waikiki. Enjoy!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Waikiki Rocks!

Now I know why Waikiki is always listed as one of the world's most beautiful beaches on the travel channel. It absolutely gorgeous here, and that's saying a lot, considering there are many places on this island that take your breath away while giving you a good idea of what heaven could be like!

Not only is the beach amazing, but our hotel is rocking our world too! In fact, dare Isay, we're having an even better experience here than at our beloved Turtle Bay? Our room is bigger for one. Secondly, our view on the 27th floor is KILLER! When we first walked onto our balcony I got so dizzy, it was awesome! The combination of being this high and the location of our room in the hotel, offers both stunning scenes of the city of :Honolulu and the the beach of Waikiki.

Oh, and let's not forget the food. Last night for dinner I had the best filet mignonI have ever had the pleasure of indulging in. I'm calling it an indulgence due to the $50+ price tag. However, dinner (and all our meals for that matter) was paid for courtesy of the U.S. Army. How sweet is that? While I was dining on steak, Garret was feasting on the most succulent crab legs I'd ever tasted! In short, it was the coolest thing ever!

Even the Marriage Encounter lectures have been better, well with th exception of this one, we'l call him T. He's from another country and I swear to you I canot understand one single word he says. Don't get me wrong, he's one of the nicest people I've ever met, but he is a lousy public speaker! Not just because you can't understand him, but also because he's a terrible public speaker, I can tell by his PowerPoint presentations. They're just not good. However, one of the other speakers more than made up for it. She was fabulous! Not only was she engaging and interesting, but we both learned a lot from her presentation! I can't wait to hear more from her later today.

The only thing that's sucked a little about this whole experience is that our hotel doesn't have complimentary internet for it's guests. So lve had to type this whole entry on Pinky, my new BlackBerry. Thankfully she's the best! Also thankfully I set up my blog before I left so that I could publish posts via email. Just keep in mind this is the first time I've posted like this so I'm not sure of how the layout of the pics will turn out, since 3 don't have control of it using this posting method. Speaking of pics we're taking tons with our cameras, and l'll be posting those when we get home. For now I am posting a few I've taken with Pinky.

Until next time. . . . .

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Waikiki Here We Come!

The Army may be flawed and have it's share of downsides, but it does have it's perks too.   For example, we get to spend Thursday through Saturday at the Hilton at WLong View of W Beachaikiki with our room and meals paid for compliments of the U.S. Army.  

We're going for a Married Soldiers Seminar, it's kind of like a Marriage Encounter.  During the day we go to a lecture covering various topics of a marriage strengthening nature, i.e., building better communication, setting goals, and making time for each other, etc.  There's also miscellaneous activities thrown in the mix throughout the day to demonstrate trust in relationships, learn new aspects about your spouse, and of course activities specifically designed to help you get to know the other couples at the seminar.  We usually start the day around 8:00 or 9:00.  We get an hour for lunch, a few randomly spaced breaks, and we're done by 3:00 or so.  Then, the rest of the afternoon and evening are all ours, to do whatever we like. 

The last one we went to was at our favorite resort, Turtle Bay.  We had a few drinks, explored the grounds, relaxed on their private beach, etc.  It was AWESOME.  The lectures last time weren't as good as I was hoping they would be.  An hour into it, I realized I could've done a better job off the cuff.  Plus, one of the speakers had a VERY strong Chinese accent and I was only able to understand about every fourth word.  It was not easy listening by any stretch of the imagination.  Still, despite these minor glitches, I'm hopeful this one will be better.  I'm a firm believer there's something to be learned in everything we do. Who knows, I could walk away with some valuable piece of information that will forever enhance my life, stranger things have happened.

 Waikiki Hilton We're particularly excited about this one because the hotel is on Waikiki beach!  For the last few weeks we've been wanting to go to Waikiki to walk around, check out the shops, and have a few fruity fru-fru drinks (say that five times fast).  Having a hotel room there will make this even more enjoyable because after we're done, we simply walk back to our room.  We won't have to worry about finding our car, and making the trek all the way back to the north side of the island.  Then, we'll get to do it all over again the next afternoon/evening.  Here's a link to some info and pics about the hotel:

Hilton at Waikiki eBrochure

This has been very last minute (as of this morning), because Garret's company had extra spaces that had not yet been filled and extended those slots to his motorpool. He submitted our names, and poof Waikiki here we come. 

I plan on posting pictures and entries while we're there, so make sure to check back for those!

Until we meet again (on the beach of Waikiki)  .  .  .  .

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day and Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mom's birthday! She's one of my best friends, and has been there for me in both good times and really bad times. She's one of the smartest, most amazing people I know and I'm so proud to be her daughter! I love you so much Mom! I hope you have an AWESOME Birthday!

Monday, March 16, 2009

My Mom's Birthday Tribute

Posting Alert

In an effort to make up for lost time, I have posted several new entries in the past day and will be posting more in the days to come. Please scroll to the bottom of the page so you can see all the new entries. Thank you!

Alisa's Birthday Tribute

Happy Birthday!

Today is my sister Alisa's birthday and I just wanted to say, "Happy Birthday Sweetie!" I love you bunches and I miss you more than my good credit!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Can You Hear Me Now?

Those of you have tried to talk to me lately know that my cell phone has been on it's last leg. It would miss calls, and/or not let me answer calls, it would say it was charged only to die five minutes later. I wasn't sure if it was possessed or just really sick, if I should call a priest for an exorcism or put it on hospice. Either way, it was time for a new phone. Luckily this sordid series of problems occurred just as my Alltel contract was up for renewal. I am happy to report my phone woes are officially behind me because I just got a new phone! Oh happy day.

My new phone is a Blackberry Pearl 8130, and I absolutely adore it!!! I did a lot of research before choosing this particular phone. A lot of research. What I found was that most people who purchase a Blackberry will never buy anything else, and now I know why. My old phone was a Palm Treo and it was a good phone, but my Blackberry is sleeker, faster, more user friendly, and the best part is, it's pink! It has a better camera than my old phone, with a flash. It can play my iTunes library, it's linked to all four of my email accounts, and it can pin-point my GPS location in under a minute. How cool is that?

My new phone, which by the way, I named Pinky (Garret liked Kinky instead, but I vetoed that idea), can do just about anything I can think of. In fact I'm thinking I'll have it conjure a money tree because it's just that awesome!

It's a great feeling to no longer be communicationally challenged. Seriously, what did we ever do before cell phones?

Until next time . . . . . .

Cinderella for a Night

We're going to a ball! I'm talking the dress-up, drink champagne, and dance until you turn back into a pumpkin kind of ball! The Army, in a long standing tradition, hosts these formal gatherings for various reasons, the one we're going to is to celebrate the first female four-star general. It's going to be April 10th at Turtle Bay. Turtle Bay! The most awesome resort on the island! We had the chance to go there over the summer for free, thanks to an Army sponsored marriage encounter, and we had a blast! It was so beautiful! Also, if you've ever seen the movie "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" it takes place at Turtle Bay. It's very exclusive, you can't even get into the parking lot without being a guest there. It's also pretty pricey, and not the kind of place we would normally have the financial means to go, which makes it ten times more exciting!

Normally the tickets for something like this, even for someone in the Army, would be $150.00 per person and that's not including a room for the evening. We however did not have to pay that much, in fact we didn't have to pay anything at all. Garret's company gave him two free tickets to recognize him for his "outstanding day to day work performance"! How awesome is that? It's always a good thing when hard work is rewarded! What can I say, my husband rocks!

Garret will wear his dress uniform, and I'll have to buy a dress, which I can't wait to do because shopping for formal wear is always fun! We're both really excited!

Until next time . . . . .

Time Warp

I have been abducted by aliens. That is the only logical explanation for my loss of time. Today I looked at the calendar and it hit me that March is half-way over. I almost fell out of my chair, except that my "chair" is actually a recliner, in a sectional no less, and falling out it would be virtually impossible, but if I had been sitting in your average chair, surely I would've fallen out of it. I absolutely cannot believe, we're at the half-way point in March. March! Are you kidding me this year is seriously going by faster than you can where did the time go?

As most of you know, I have spent the last few months working on putting a website together for the Spouse's Club here at Schofield Barracks (our Army base). In particular, the last week and a half has been a mad rush to get it up and running. I am proud to say that it is in fact just that, up and running! Here is the link if you want to check it out, Schofield Barracks Spouses Club

So far I've gotten great reviews from the other board members. They're an awesome group of women! They were so welcoming of me even though I was a very late addition to the 2008-2009 Governing Board as Webmaster, and they were completely supportive throughout the whole process of website creation offering encouragement and help in equal amounts. I am honored to be a part of this organization and in such great company!

As for the website itself, this is only a starting point. While I am very pleased with how it's turned out thus far, I have big plans for it in the future.
To make this website I used a series of templates offered by our web host, but over the summer (when we don't have any club meetings or events) I plan on designing my own pages using html language, which I'm currently learning. Also, after our members have the opportunity to utilize it and we get more feedback, I will be fine tuning the already existing content to better suit their needs.

For now, I'm just glad it's up and running. The maintenance of it won't be nearly as time consuming as the initial creation of it was. Until next time . . . . .