Thursday, April 30, 2009

Aloha Mom!

I am very happy to announce that my Mom is coming to visit us! She's coming in on June 4th and will be here for a couple of weeks! We couldn't be more excited! I've already started working on a list of places to take her and recipes to cook for her. As an added bonus she'll be here on my birthday! I'm a big fan of birthdays!!! We're sure to have a blast!

Gone Fishing

Last weekend we went fishing at the pier on the Kaneohe Marine Corps Base, with our friend Joe and his mom, Jeannie, who's visiting from Michigan.  Garret bought me a new fishing pole the niPink Fishing Pole 1ght before (a bribe to go on more fishing trips).  My pole is absolutely awesome!  It's pink and has blue, green, and red LED lights that light up when you're reeling something in!  Only small bait fish were caught, none the less we had fun.  Jeannie and I spent most of the day talking, and we got a lot of sun, a LOT of sun. 

The sun in Hawaii is very peculiar, you don't even see signs of burning until five hours later when you're already home, then without thinking you do a normal and arbitrary thing like go to scratch your elbow and oddly this ordinary act causes you great pain, so you go to the mirror to look at your elbow, but before you get a chance the reflection of your face stops you dead in your tracks.  The face that was previously normal when you arrived home is now the color of a candy apple and you fear Rudolph might lose his job when Santa gets wind of you, because unlike Rudolph who only had a red nose, you have an entire face that's red and it doesn't stop there either.  It goes all the way down your neck, your shoulders, your arms, etc., as well as well as any other body part exposed to the sun.  Anyway, back to what I was saying before my tangent, the sun and by extension tanning in Hawaii is very peculiar, there's like a four or five hour delay between the time you leave the sun (regardless of how long you've been out in it, an hour or ten hours, same result) and the time you see the evidence that you've been in the sun.

Also, there was a big Coast Guard ship parked at the pier.  Jeannie and I talked to a couple of men on the boat and got schooled on the world of the Coast Guard.  This particular ship did buoy maintenance and something to do with navigation, I know that sounds vague but that's all I really remember (must be the sun).  Below are some pictures of our day out.

CG Front

CG Buoy          CG Seal

        Kaneohe Panoramic Scenic

G Reeling  Funny G

Kaneohe Boats


Sunday, April 19, 2009

We've Got Mail

Garret loves checking the mail.  I once asked him why he enjoys it so much and he said, "You never know what you're going to get."  Turns out, he was right. 

Friday Garret went out to check the mail, and returned with two boxes.  They were from the Woman's Club of Safford and the letter enclosed said:

Dear Garret:

This Military Care Package is being sent to you, Garret from the Woman's Club of Safford, Arizona.  It is just a very small token of our appreciation for your bravery in serving our beloved country, The United States of America. 

We are so extremely proud of you and aware of the sacrifices you and your families are making to safeguard our way of life.  Without your courage and valor as demonstrated daily by our armed forces, we would not have the privileges we currently enjoy.

We thank you for your service, protection and selflessness and please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you everyday.

Our sincere appreciation and admiration.

The Woman's Club of Safford, AZ.

Gift Pic

The boxes were filled with a variety of useful items: socks, insect repellent, hand sanitizer, Carmex, sunblock, etc.; and some very enjoyable items like homemade salsa (it was AWESOME, we ate it in about two seconds), puzzle books (which I absolutely love), and El Pato (it was like they were psychic or something we had just run out, Garret lifted a can out of the box and said, "How did they know?")

This care package was so unexpected and so thoughtful, it touched both of us.

Thanks to the Woman's Club of Safford!!!!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Simply Beautiful . . . .

Garret found this while traversing the world of MySpace and it was so touching I had to post it here.

Soldier Poem

Friday, April 17, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Volunteer of the Month

Hui Gift

I am so excited! At our monthly board meeting for the Spouse's Club last week, I was named Volunteer of the Month for my work on our new website! I was so surprised! I received a gift and the Second Vice President, Rachel gave a little speech thanking me for my hard work and complimenting me on a job well done. It was awesome, and it totally made my day. Appreciation is one of the easiest things people can do to have the biggest impact on others (see my post "Roses are Red" for more on that topic). Until next time . . . . .

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Roses Are Red . . . .

Last week was good to me. Garret surprised me with roses when he came homeRoses from work on Tuesday. How sweet is that? How cool is it to get a gift when you're least expecting it? A gift given simply because one person thought of another and wanted to do something nice, something thoughtful for them. One of my deepest desires is to be appreciated. To be acknowledged for the things I do daily is the best gift he could ever give to me, and the roses were like icing on my cake of validation! For the rest of the week, each time my vision caught sight of the deep red, nestled in sprays of white and green, I smiled. Garret has always been good at appreciating me and all that I do, but at a time when the economy is severely depressed and consequently money is tight everywhere you look, something as simple as a couple of roses can make quite an impact on someone's life.


I'm proud to report that I have finished by first knitted baby blanket! My initial attempt was a little rocky, but thankfully this is the techno age and there isn't anything you can't find on the internet. A few informative blogs and a little youtube tutorials later, and voila here it is! Being a gemini I used to be the queen of starting a million projects but not finishing one. It's actually very fulfilling to follow something through to completion, no matter how big or small.

It was a "test" blanket, undertaken to make sure I had the fundmanetals of this type of project down. Future projects will be bigger and have a couple of different colors. I plan on making a few for friends and family, when those are done I plan on making more around the test size for donations to hospitals to go along with all the hats I've made and am still making. Hopefully by then I will have my own charity up and running, so the donations will have a name behind them. I'm really excited about this! Doing something I love and helping others at the same time truly rocks, no matter how cliche it sounds. Until next time . . . . .
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